Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Modern Definition for Shame

I wanted to share this conversation. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Me: Someone on the kickball message board was trying to organize a bar gathering tomorrow, and my friend was like, I might be able to stop by after this Matchbox 20 concert.
Me: and 3 of us simultaneously reacted- "Matchbox 20???"
Anonymous Friend: hahaha
Me: she was like, defending herself, that she got tricked and didn't know what concert
Me: apparently Alanis is opening?
Me: MSG even. amazing
AF: they're SUCH a guilty pleasure. like i'm not embarrassed by my love of bubblegum pop, but THEY make me all shy to admit
Me: it's like Benedict Arnold = Traitor. Matchbox 20 = I listen to whatever the radio DJ tells me to
Me: i still like "Long Day"
Me: but i would rather die than go to that show
Me: except maybe to see Alanis
AF: i liked Mad Season a lot
AF: the album
AF: Beautiful Girl, Bed of's good!
AF: shh
Me: haha

It's true. I owned Yourself or Someone Like You. I saw them in concert twice. I can't exactly pinpoint when Matchbox 20 fandom became shameful; it just did. I guess I didn't officially give up until the advancement of Rob Thomas' solo career. There's generic VH-1 Top 20 Countdown fodder, and then there's that, a whole new level of forgettable, contrived, pop-rock.
1997 Kim will always think fondly of you. But I feel I must bid you adieu.

Listening to: STP - "Vasoline"


Seth said...

Uhm, didn't i go to a Matchbox 20 concert with you and Chief in high school? yeah i think i did.

Oh, and i nearly used the firm's box seats to see then in Tampa two weeks ago. I was on my cruise, or i would have.

bite me.

kimberlyand said...

Hehehe. Yes, you did go see Matchbox 20 with us.
I may not think much of the band now, but I also think there's no shame if you don't give a crap what other people think. So, I say, carry on.

Love you! :)

Seth said...

I, too, have fond memories of 1997 Kim.

kimberlyand said...

I can only assume you are speaking as a proxy for Rob Thomas. I thank you both. :)